About Goldie's

Goldie’s General Store was created by Christie Peters, owner of The Hollows Restaurant as a passion project. Christie operates under the philosophy of “waste not, want not”. This philosophy can be seen in her restaurant where she practises whole animal butchery and makes sure no part goes to waste.


This is where the idea of Goldie’s General Store comes from. In an effort not to let anything go to waste Christie began creating soap out of left over animal fat, tea with her homegrown herbs as well as foraged plants, and preserving the fruits and vegetables she grows for the restaurant. She found that she had an excess and began offering them for sale to the public.


After a while she invited friends who were passionate about their various endeavours such as glass blowing, rug making and vintage clothing to join her and Goldie’s General Store was created. Since then they have branched out and offer a wide variety of vintage, antiques, and handmade goods. In other words “Nothing Specific.”

Now co-owned by Christie Peters and Darby Sutherland.


Contact us @ Goldiesgeneral@gmail.com

or in person at 334 Ave C South, Saskatoon, SK, S7N 1N4